“Being a woman is alluring.”

“The fact that a human can be so emotional yet so powerful is assuredly amazing. However, the society, the rules and regulations, the norms, the culture they all try to hold this powerful and dynamic living being back.

As much as dominant or capable I thought I was, there was constantly something else that was convincing or striking my head letting me know that I was never good enough or equivalent to a man.

After I migrated to Australia to pursue my education, I was offered a job as an administration assistant. A guy had just commenced the same work as I did just few works before I started. Few months later, he was schooled to take some certification courses, he was then promoted to be a building inspector and ended up being a private certifier. Not only that but he was also equipped with a brand new car and not to mention his salary was almost double of what I acquired.

Was he exceptional? Was he superior? Was he proficient? Why was he chosen and not me? Why was I still in the office while he got to drive around in his contemporary car? You are right. He was a chico.

When I went to enquire why his position at the office elevated so quickly and I was still entering data as I did when I premiered. Right away I was told how a lady wasn’t allowed or granted to drive around inspection people’s houses as it’s not a “SAFE” environment.

Coming from a 3rd world country, as a child I always thought, racial or sexual discrimination was only confined within the 3rd world country and these “structurally developed” countries would have eradicated all kinds of discrimination away but the fact that I had to compromise in such a situation ,elucidated how much of an impact things make in our lives just because we were born as women.

Shikha Uprety is Nepalese national living in Sydney, Australia. She works as an administrative allrounder at  a Home certification company. 

Contact info: upretyshikha7@gmail.com

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